School Problems

Connecting with school personnel: Our psychologists are experienced in helping families with challenges that they and their children may be experiencing at school. This includes calling or meeting with teachers and school counselors to assist in the development and implementation of IEPs and 504 plans, as well as informal meetings to develop plans for assisting students struggling with ADHD, autism spectrum issues, anxiety, homework stress, bullying, isolation, and other school-related challenges. We have worked with students and staff in nearly all of the local public and private schools.


Student observation: We provide unobtrusive observations of pre-school and elementary school students. Sometimes parents need information about their child’s behavior in the classroom or at recess especially regarding inattention, disruptive behavior, and social difficulties. Data and observation can then be used to help shape effective intervention during the school day.


Outside services: We help families to determine if neuropsychological, comprehensive psychoeducational testing, educational advocates, tutoring, medication consultation or other outside services are indicated. Some families seek guidance about whether or not there is another school in the area that might better meet the needs of their child/adolescent.


Crises: Occasionally, students/families/schools are in crisis and need rapid help beyond what the school can provide in stabilizing the student and/or situation. Examples include refusal to attend school, suicidal thoughts, severe bullying, and dealing with suspensions.